Just another Monday

I felt the need for some cheap Chinese food for lunch today, after all I need my monthly intake of MSG. On my way I saw something wonderful.

I was driving through my neighborhood, as unfortunately I have to drive a mile and a half to pick up my Chinese (what inconvenience) and for a passing moment I saw a young girl learning to ride a bicycle with her father. The child was garbed in her most protective, elbow pads and a matching pink helmet. Her bike was evidently new, with what looked to be never used training wheels guiding her and her equipment down the sidewalk. Her father was steadfastly beside her, guiding her slowly down the sidewalk during her first trepidatious pedals. The young girls golden hair brimmed from beneath her her helmet as she rode; she smiled constantly, abounding with happiness.

Then it was over. I, driving around another turn and they, slowly tumbling down the sidewalk in the opposite direction. I make my way on this wonderfully cool day towards my waiting chicken and rice with a tremendous sense that all is well in the world. I sit at a stop light for a moment, take a deep breath of the fresh air and my lamentable mind begins to analyze the moment. Why is a young 30’s man home on a Monday morning? Is it possible that he is recently been terminated from his job? I can only imagine, he is slowly building a debt load like so many other Americans, one day possibly soon he and his family may be foreclosed on the house where his young daughter parks her bike.

It is a sad realization that I could have decided was waiting for this man and his family. But no, today I would not believe that this was the case. The look of jubilation on the young blonde child was so pure- unrivaled that even in my minds own musings I could not condemn her and her family to possible destitution. Today will be a good day, for the child and her bike, and for me.

Let it be a good day for yourselves as well.

Fall in Florida

If you have ever had the awkward displeasure of spending any sort of time conversing with me, you would know I genuinely despise Florida. There is a litany of problems with this phallic looking state, which I would hope that if you had spent any time in Florida you yourself would already be privy to. However there is one redeeming time when Florida is bearable and this week, and the next two weeks following are it. It is fall in Florida, where the mercury colored dye in the thermostat dips below 90° for the first time of the year.  Floridians do not witness any real palpable change during this time mind you; the leaves on the trees do not blush, nor do they fall to the ground despite the chilly 10 degree drop in temperature. In all, Florida Fall is the equal of a Northeastern summer- low 80’s with a near omnipresent slight breeze.

You could say I love Florida for the same reasons an octogenarian snowbird does. The weather is perfect, with little humidity and moderate temperatures which bodes well for anything outdoors. Unfortunately being a marginally successful member of society means that I am spending my time inside any interchangeable 4 walls equipped with sealed shut windows and chilled air conditioning.  I am more familiar with the quiet hum of fluorescent lights than that of the silent rays of the sun; more comfortable with a monitor than with the art of billions of years of Earths development. Today, I plan on changing this.

Sadly, I live in suburbia. When I step out my back door I am not greeted with the sensations of the great enormity and beauty of the world. Instead I see a manicured lawn held up by pesticides and fertilizers- manufactured chemicals that are the only thing that keep grass alive during the unbearable heat that Florida suffers from 10 out of 12 months a year, whose production kills countless hundreds of third world inhabitants each year. Beyond the grass I see a retention pond, which made this house more expensive than my neighbors’, which holds storm water and any number of festering colonies  of  unmentionable creatures whose profession it seems to be that of creating abhorrent smells, and to produce more offspring to do more of the same. It seems I shall need to step a bit further out of my four walls to admire this short window of time.

I head out not precisely knowing where I should head to appropriately grasp this climate. I turn onto whatever major road is closest and head away from the center of town. The ten lanes of traffic slowly dwindles down to two, and I slowly notice a landscape reminiscent of rural Vermont- the high end on my barometer of what I would consider perfection. I find a small park and pull off the nearly desolate road to find a small field peppered with old trees and several picnic tables. Taking a seat at one of the furthest tables I take a deep breath and savor the moment. There are no cars peeling by me nor are there any lawn mowers and weed whackers impeding my interpretation of the scenery. I genuinely enjoy this small moment, this Fall in Florida, during this even tinier moment at a nondescript park in the middle of nowhere. I spend an hour here reading and doing absolutely nothing, it is a feeling beyond measure. There are no deadlines here, no projects needing immediate attention, no customers who unwittingly ruin even the best of moods, no distractions whatsoever from the untarnished glory that nature has slowly crafted over billions of years.  Unfortunately time continues to tick away even in the best of moments, and life softly whispers that I must get going.

I head back to my car, still reveling in the splendor that surrounds me. I open my door and only then do I notice another car is parked by me. I look up towards the intruding car, to see that it is a large SUV, driven by an even larger woman.  Her bourgenous gut unceremoniously flaps over the steering wheel, and the combination of the two support a McDonald’s Big Mac and it’s ubiquitous fries and cola. Behind her are two young boys who look similar to the driver- fast food bags in one hand, a Gameboy in the other. The mother exclaims between massive swallows of the filth called food “Isn’t this fresh air great kids?”.  They mumble something indiscernible to my ears but it is clear they are not impressed. After I see and hear this exchange I see and hear something even more disturbing and pathetic. The car which somehow manages to keep the mother and sons sitting upright is still on, blowing up particles of gas, spewing hydrocarbons everywhere. The car is on, the radio noticeable, and so are the SUV’s two fans in the motor carriage telling me that the air condition is roaring even while they eat their food with the windows down.  With as much disgust as any person can muster I leave the horrific scene, wholly depressed.

I have been witness to many terrible similar acts, but none so gluttonous as the one I have just managed to barely escape the feeling of uncontrollable physical disgust. The beauty of my past hour was now completely erased- how could it not be. Florida, a place where an individual can thrive and breed such as that SUV owner can earn no glory in my eyes.  My expedition to discover the inspirational qualities of Florida has lead me only to see how wretched it’s inhabitants can be.

It’s Over 1000!

During the month of September I have officially broke one thousand unique viewers here at AnthonyDeLorenzo.com. Although this is a tiny number (for instance the MID site this used to be received over 15K a month) I am still impressed what a small amount of advertising can do. This may just make me post something worthy of an audience, instead of usual rambling musings. Have a good night, I shall attempt to do the same.