I will not rehash the recent shooting in Arizona. All sane people will agree it was tragic. Unfortunately I was again unnerved by many americans definition of sanity. The week following the shooting Glock handgun sales in Arizona doubled their last years numbers. Significant jumps in gun sales increased in a half dozen states, and gun sales increased nationwide by an additional 5%.

This was the most depressing news I have heard in a very, very long time. A mentally unstable individual used the very same gun to blow the brains out of a 9 year old girl and five other innocents. A trigger was gently persuaded to riddle 20 americans with holes, a trigger now in the hands of countless more.

I cannot follow the logic used by the thousands who purchased guns in the past two weeks- more guns= more safety. I had hoped after millions of years of evolution, hundreds of thousands of years of developing a culture of providence would illicit a stronger morality, and sense of reason. Humanity as a whole has the ability to transcend our terrestrial pebble  and save billions of lives through vaccination, yet the plurality still thinks their neighbor will start shooting tomorrow and he must shoot back to defend his cinder block walls.

I wish I had the tact to completely express myself, but I lack the mastery of the English language to do so. If I could express the true feeling of desperation that sinks to the bottom of my gut when I hear a story like this I would hope that I could convince even a single human to think that a gun is not a necessity, but a hindrance; that a bullet is not a shield but a spear. Alas I am not fortunate enough to have the capacity to change you or anyone else’s opinion. I just hope you know the same feeling of disgust when you read that after someone goes and makes 20 of your fellows more akin to swiss cheese than to humans the natural reaction of thousands is to buy another gun to make others cold, and have a new address deep inside a crypt.