Whats up internet? Are your servers running at peak efficiency, routers streaming bits across the globe at 200km a second? For once in my life I couldn’t give a damn about sending and receiving your bits in a timely manner. Ironic as a blog post about my disinterest in the internet is, that is exactly what follows.

As he couldn’t find a can opener, my brother attempted to open a can of beans ultra hobo-style with whatever implements he could find around the kitchen. Remembering my boy scout days, and that my leatherman multi-tool (think swiss army knife, just not bright red) had a legitimate can opener I headed out to the garage to see if I could find it.  I was unsuccessful but I did find the old camping gear so well preserved from my childhood it brought back some wonderfully chilling memories and feelings of longing for the often great outdoors.

For as much as I am an addict to this material, technological world I feel that I could just as easily remove myself from my wired (and 3G enabled wireless) world and set across the eastern United States with no more than a backpack and a canteen full of iodine tinged stream water.  As a youth I would camp now and then, mostly with the boy scouts and I vehemently enjoyed it. I haven’t seen a camelbak used legitimately in a decade but my memory still reminds me that there is more, much more to this world than lolcats and code compilers. Fewer and fewer children, and adults, can remember what an honest camping trip is like, nor can they understand its merits. There is no greater feeling of zen-esque peace than waking up at 2am and standing in the middle of your camp and hearing nothing but the mortal embers of your small, dying fire. I am an oxymoron in this sense: a computer scientist who could find himself stranded with no more than  a tent and be content. Perhaps this is my hubris, maybe the first pluck of a broken thread on my suburban tether- but I think not.

I wish I could say Florida held some answers for my search for some external wooded stimulation, but this is Florida afterall. I come from a place world renown for its majestic splendor and breathtaking natural beauty. Florida is contradictory in nearly every way to Vermont as it is just a massive swamp about 2 degrees warmer away from being swallowed by the Pacific.  In due time I shall return and satiate my need for some woodlands, for now I will just have to do with the picture below to remember what an unfettered life can await me, eventually.

Maybe I’ll find a rock wall to climb in the meantime, air conditioned I’m sure, with wifi.


I watched V for Vendetta tonight, one of my favorite movies. It is one of my favorites and continues to age well, akin to a cask of a fine wine in that the more times I view it the more intriguing the movie is and the more years that pass bring new notes and tones to my proverbial cinematic nose.

V used to be a very guttural movie for me- an angry guy seeks revenge on a system that has clearly wronged him, and has seemed to wronged others similarly but not as directly. It was a fight the power sort of piece for me, as I hated the powers that were. The parallels between the antagonists of V and of the then present(2007) are axiomatic. There is a a God loving, fear mongering leader was at the helm with a sadistically unflinching right hand confidant and enforcer in the movie. Trained seals can see that these personalities are barely veneered analogues of Bush Jr. and Cheney.  At the time this movie  served  as a wake up call to motivate myself into becoming involved in the political scene or at the absolute least become more vocal about my already discriminating opinions.  I did the latter and found I was unsuccessful, even if I was the loudest voice in the room.  Years and dozens of viewings later I would like to think my opinion of the content of the movie has transcended beyond the boorish power to the people movie I once thought it was.

Upon recent revelation, I feel the movie means more to me if I were to think of it as an introspection. Evey begins as a low level employee for a behemoth company  goes through the motions of a normal life as she copes with a jaded past. I am assuming a lot with that last sentence; I have no evidence she is at all jaded she lost her entire family mostly directly at the hands of her supreme and feared overlords. Maybe jaded is the wrong term for her feelings, even if she does harbor resentment, but a  better word does not come to me at this hour.  Her introductory character is what I could generally consider my normal self, but muted. The apparition of a  deceased family would be more like my own morose towards the losses I suffered from a few early years of poor educational situation and conduct. As more characters are introduced they manifest features of my psyche- V is a strong will and desire to pursue noble intentions with malignant causes, the goon squad of fingermen, black bags and Creedy are the fear of the unknown. Inspector Finch is the guiding light of endeavoring hard-work and quiet but unmistakable sense of decency. I fell that the inspector is written off in  V as a device to simplify and bring some back story to the main plot. I think however  he plays a much more integral role, while V and the Chancellor are obsessed with lofty ambitions the inspector does the due diligence of good police work and in the end allows for his morality to overtake his party affiliation and loyalties.  In the end Evey has endured a lifetime of events in under a year and end with a suggested stronger world view, sense of individuality, and purpose.

V for Vendetta is of course more than just a loose coalition of  my arguing personality traits, I’m not that narcissistic. It has several other perspectives (to my uneducated eyes at least) that bear some credence to discussion. That will be another late night. I leave you with a song I have just recently heard that has captivated me. It is my usual type of music- a no frills song with good vocals. Go to youtube and listen/watch Gorillaz Featuring Daley – Doncamatic.