It’s the weekend!

For me, it is now officially the weekend. Retail work grants me the pleasure of having my weekly vacation on a Wednesday, when no one else but the unemployed- or other retail cretins are available to hang out. It’s a quiet solemnity that allows me the time to write this little post, and to muse about life and love.

Firstly- My new MacBook came yesterday and it is beyond perfection. It has been nearly a decade since I have owned any sort of Mac computer. Sure, I have a few iOS devices lying around but there is no comparison. A new sandy bridge Mac running a legit version of OSX (with a free upgrade to Lion when it debuts in July), I am a kid in the proverbial candy store. A sound investment for my future.

Secondly- I have been needing to go to a tea place that some coworkers (one in particular) have raved about. The place is called Kalesia.  I have always been a huge tea drinker, just not in more than a convenient way. I have a dozen teas at home, mostly bagged stuff but sometimes I have some premium teas, or even better some loose leaf teas- but I have always enjoyed them alone. I share my habit with nobody else in my daily life. My girlfriend does not share my addiction to leaves, or perhaps she hates tea because I nearly constantly ask her if she would like some tea. I offer her a mild green tea with little negotiable peaks in flavor. Even a white tea she scoffs at. Alas, she and the others around me think that tea tastes like a stick shoved in hot water.

Now my girlfriend of years would most probably come with me if I politely demanded (asked constantly for a day or so). However, I would prefer to go with someone(s) who would enjoy the experience at a level around what I would. My girlfriend and I share many common interests and hobbies but we are amazingly individuals who have our own opinions of what is fun and enjoyable and what is not. I maintain an individuality that keeps me sane. Homogenous interests are good, but if you were to think of my relationship as a venn diagram, I would say the slice of circle that does not intersect her circle is larger than the one that does. I think having my mancave and some more diverse interests keeps me sane. It’s indicative of my persona- I am at times a loner that prefers some solitude in this overpopulated ‘burb.

Well I’ve got a few days of relaxation ahead of me, and it will indeed be fantastic. Typing on this fancy new laptop is fantastic. It has a battery life well beyond any windows box I have ever used- this entire article wasted no more that 8% of my bar. The illuminated keyboard helps immensely in the low light of both the late night and the early morning.


My morning tea.

30 minutes until I head out to work. It’s Saturday, but I work retail. While you normal people with your P value +/- .95 jobs work, I play, and vice versa. If you happen to troll the mall you will see me there either working diligently or standing still, hands in pockets staring out the doors gazing listlessly at the passersby(I have no middle ground- work or sedation).

I’ll leave you with a song/band I sincerely like:


Beirut- In the Mausoleum

Executions and Undertakings.

I feel the need to travel. I am the only DeLorenzo in the clan that hasn’t navigated beyond the borders of the États-Unis. In fact, my parents are currently abroad, exploring the Irish countryside and I’m told even finding their way into the occasional pub(Mr. and Mrs. D- drinking?, I don’t believe it for a minute). My sister in her wisdom has already slated her next spring semester abroad in France for which I am beyond jealous. My domestication has lasted for 22 years, and I am feeling the “captain’s itch” (as Zapp Brannigan would put it), the need to explore.

I wish I could just jet off somewhere exotic (generally speaking, everything is exotic to me) in a moments notice but I have an unshakable tether here in Florida, for no specific reason. I don’t think I would lose my girlfriend if I took an impromptu vacation- she may want to go as well but if the means or opportunity didn’t arise I doubt she would be entirely jaded as long as I was safe. I could probably even still have my job waiting for me when I returned granted I gave some small notice of a week or two I could return no worse for wear. School for summer is online, and is nearly over regardless. I have no real anchor that would tie me down. Oh, money- a trivial matter. If I really wanted to go I have a small savings and a credit card that could possibly last me at least a month or two.  In all nothing genuine is holding me back. So then, why am I so relegated to my habitual life?

I think some of it can be that I am the verbatim definition of an introvert. Facebook friends keep posting some article about introverts which is preeeety spot on to my self image. I do indeed find my solace and peace at home, or in nature. I find myself often quietly reflecting quietly to myself and find an enormous amount of peace and understanding from some of the most menial things. I can sit on my porch in the billion degree heat here in Florida and sit there with a book or a notebook and let my mind wander long enough  until I assume I am more learned than I was an hour before. As an introvert a cubicle and a suburban life should be just as fufilling as a more exciting life, granted I have the opportunity to express myself  in some small and internal way.

Alas, there is a side of me that seems to be the antithesis of this introvert I can easily classify myself. I am have more than one facet of a personality. Amazingly I am not monochromatic, just like any other human. I have no real ambition to jump out of a plane- I’m not two polar opposites (introvert and extreme extrovert) seamed together. My ideal getaway is sitting in a small café bordering a side street enjoying the passing traffic and just people watching, attempting to understand to individuals around me. You may be thinking that this sounds stereotypically French, but it doesn’t matter the locale. This fantasy could be a Starbucks in Topeka for all I care. After all I think I would be just as foreign in Kansas as I would be in Bucharest. Such a trip regardless of ‘where’ exactly would be a challenge for my introverted self and just enough of a new exploration to satiate my extroverted self.

Overall I am more of an introvert, and I think I won’t be going anywhere soon. If you bothered to read the last few paragraphs you would see me being analytical, measured, and me being rigorously monotonous. Clearly my introverted self will win out every time. For now I’ll  slowly plan a trip, and attempt to let my more exploratory side fester out (fester seems like the right word, an ugly growth that won’t be concealed or removed without proper application or medicine).

I’ll leave you with a song. My girlfriend watched ‘The voice’ recently and I heard a song I hadn’t heard in a while- Jolene originally sung by Dolly Parton. I think a better and more moving rendition was that of Jack White’s version which you can hear below:

The White Stripes - Jolene

Business oppurtunity

I woke up this morning to see Kellie off on her trip northward. She woke up ungodly early (7am, the audacity!) and I couldn’t fall back asleep afterward. I was dragged into consciousness, and I was hungry. Here at the house I didn’t have much that would seem to satiate my breakfast needs, so I turned elsewhere. What I really wanted was a  good bagel, and an actual coffee- not some overpriced swill 100 million people are addicted to. I tried to think of my best solution to remedy my bagel lust- in Wesley Chapel there weren’t many good options, in fact I couldn’t think of one. I could go to:

Starbucks- ugh. If they had bagels they were cold, and very old. Their coffee is overcaffinated and extremely overpriced.

Panera- even if it were closer to me, I wouldn’t go. They make a good bagel sure, and their coffee isn’t bad but their operation is too mechanized for my taste. There is something other-worldly about a human sized machine used to slice bagels. When a sandwich shop get so big and busy that you need to be given a messenger frizbee that seizures violently when your food is ready I think it’s time to revert to some basics.

??? there are no other shops around I would even think sold bagels. Some of the grocery stores have fresh bagels but they cannot prepare them.

What I could really go for was some Brueggers. Yes, the small bagel chain that started in Vermont(the coincidence!) that I would frequent in Tallahassee.  Regardless of my route or my destination there would be a Brueggers within mere moments. In fact, in the tiny city of Tallahassee there were three Brueggers. They served fresh made bagels which could could see being boiled. They had a simple menu of good bagels, or a breakfast sandwich if you so desired. My personal favorite was a toasted everything bagel with veggie cream cheese.

The coffee was simply elegant. It was Green Mountain coffee (again a quality Vermont product) which was coffee. Coffee in the sense that it was unadulterated, and good without the necessary flare of starbucks (god they are a smiling, happy bunch to be paid min wage).  I would rather have a simple cup of coffee over a latte anyday- but I cannot given the choices around Wesley Chapel.

I haven’t made a very concise point in the above paragraphs mostly because I don’t want to convince you. I sound too much like a cheesy timeshare brochure if I go on. What I would love would be for you to already share my opinion. Wesley Chapel residents are left without a single respectable bagel shop, and that is a niche that could be easily filled, and be quite profitable quickly. If I only had a scant $300k I would open a restaurant that would be nearly instantly profitable (based not only on my own analysis but on some well researched and equitable statistics). It would be my foothold into a life in the restaurant (a not so secret life goal of mine). It is just a fevered dream for now, if not forever. I’ll put this on the furthest burner back, and find my way back towards reality and to the work at hand.

Pretty sexy stuff here.