It is the summer in Florida and as it is known to do here in the Sunshine State, it is raining. I doubt that there has been a time in my history that I did not find the rain to be captivating, and I am so captivated now. While the droplets fall, I strip my windows of their blinds, and pry open the glass. Even with a road close by (the primary reason I am moving next month) the sound of it all is more appealing to me than I can properly register in words.

Which brings me to my point: is there a proper way to describe thoughts and emotion? If so, is there an ideal way? I am not a poet, a painter, a photographer, a dancer, or any one of a bevy of creative titles that can be used to describe a person or profession. I think that if there is a way to properly convey emotion and feeling, it would be done in one of these mediums. Surely there are examples of each of these titles where the emotion of the moment is captured entirely. Without searching too far it is easy to find such an example:

Image by Daily News Journal, Aaron Thompson, File / AP

Image by Daily News Journal, Aaron Thompson, File / AP

Without context it is easy to tell what is happening, and what has happened. A captured face, raw and with all emotion is power. But is it enough to capture the full spectrum of the events of that moment? Could the nervous agitation of the boy be missing from this portrayal? Or, could there be a soft hum of a trumpet playing taps be missing from this photo?

I don’t know. What I can know can be seen in this two dimensional portrayal of a boy and his grief. Such a powerful moment, but there might be much more I can never know. I would wager that I am missing much of this event, and I don’t think there is anything(short of a mind-meld) that would bring me such understanding. I can empathize with this child, but I will never be able to fully live in this moment with him.

So then if there is no method to capture a true moment, should we even try? Should I be content with looking at a Picasso’s “Weeping Woman”, and seeing all the conveyable sadness that he was attempting to portray? I m under the personal impression that regardless of mastery and skill we can never truly express we as humans are feeling. What we can convey is shallow compered to the full breadth of what we are feeling and experiencing.

Or I lack the mental capacity to truly immerse myself in the creators’ experience. Perhaps a canvas and paint is more than capable of translating expression. Unfortunately I cannot test this idea- I am not capable of translating my emotions entirely because of my ineptitude with any number of medias. It doesn’t stop me from trying:

With unknown care or grace droplets fall,
padding down on green and black alike.
Prisms wobble and refract,
collect and disperse.
A thick golden beam slices through the canopy, as fat an thick as the rain that spits thought its path.
Golden light and spheres of none but all,
through benign power.
A bluster comes to the act,
Pushing and pulling tree and bead in kind.
The swirling vortex of dry and wet, all only known by the grace a lighting blaze.

If it wasn’t apparent (because of my inability), above is my attempt to catalogue an event that maintained my focus for no short length of time.