It’s been a while

It has been a long time since I have written here- over a year in fact. I can’t say that it is because any specific reason that I haven’t written, but I think that is more telling than if I could pinpoint a specific reason.

I have let my daily life consume me. I have found that I can more easily relate to Dilbert cartoon strips now, than I could have ever thought possible only a few idealistic years ago. This isn’t to say that my life has become devoid of purpose, pleasure, or meaning, but rather that it signifies that age earns responsibility.

It should come as little surprise that I will be moving in a few months. In fact, it is closer to a few weeks than months- August is quickly approaching and I have had to focus my efforts on the pragmatic, and immediate needs of living, and working rather than the greater purposes of life. Now, as these things line up and jobs are secured, leases are signed I find that I have lived a shell of a life these past few months.

I am an overtly practical person. These needs that come from a new experience are the first priority in my mind. Now that they have been mostly satiated, I feel that I can spend my energy and time on less immediate concerns, and more on the joys that can exist.