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I am not the type of person who believes in the healing power of negative ions or of crystals. If there isn’t hard evidence to prove that something is as described, or if there isn’t enough compelling evidence  I quickly dismiss it and cry ‘hokum!’. However, I have found that some form of meditation does something for me that I feel couldn’t be achieved by any other means.

I was skeptical at first. I had some very ingrained ideas as to what meditation was, and would continue to be. My conception of meditation took the most obvious of the stereotypes associated with meditation and hyper exaggerated them. Unfortunately, there were people who epitomized these stereotypes right here in Gainesville. I see crystals for sale (and being sold), some bits of metal that are suppose to channel your energies, and have been provided pamphlets that best describe the ideal positions in which one should meditate.

I overcame these pathetic misconceptions and began some basic meditation. It began with simply sitting in silence for an indiscriminate amount of time. I haven’t [progressed much further than this, but I feel that doing so isn’t necessary. I have found that the simple moments to myself are capable of removing external fears, compulsions, and whatever else is hindering more productive thought.

I couldn’t be compelled to pressure anyone else to attempt meditation- I had been politely informed(which is the most subtle form of pressure imaginable) that I could benefit from meditation, but that only fueled my maligned opinion of the subject.  I will only mention that it has helped me remember that our concerns are shallow, and within a broader perspective are manageable.

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