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Twenty Fourteen

This past year has been good to me. I have had a big-boy job for the entirety of the year, and have done some contract work for some amazing people around Florida, have found that while Gainesville is a small place, there is plenty to be still discovered, and much more I won’t bore you with.

Looking forward. I have learned a lot working for UF. I considered myself a strict front-end developer before I started at UF, but the varied nature of my responsibilities have lead me to shift my focus to the darkened side of the server world. I have picked up useful skills with server provisioning and deployment and  several server-side languages/security. Unfortunately, I feel that because my focus has shifted, I have not given my front-end self room to explore.

So for 2014 I have made myself a short list of things I’d like to do. I wouldn’t consider these resolutions, merely things that I hope to do with what free time I have:

  • Build a full fledged web app that does something meaningful (meaning it positively impacts the world in a significant way, not just ‘the next X that will make your first-world life easier!’)
  • Build a web app that generates revenue using a front end JS framework
  • Contribute to several open source projects

I’m sure there is more to this list, but for now I am content with these three things. In fact, it is possible that the first two bullets will be the same thing, but I am not delusional enough to think that something meaningful could make a profit.

In my personal life, I intend to travel. Last year I intended to travel abroad, but those plans were dashed when I realized I was an adult that has insurance premiums and loans to be paid/repaid. Now that those have bitten the dust, I am left open to travel.


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